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Highly advanced Cosmetic Dentistry techniques & procedures now at San Francisco

Highly advanced Cosmetic Dentistry techniques - San Francisco, CA

Trends in Cosmetic Dentistry

Today’s custom smiles are designed to enhance the natural beauty of your smile that not only looks good to others, but also makes you feel great about yourself. 

It’s About the Total Picture

Even a good picture can be made better by the frame chosen to display it. For the best results, the harmonious blending of your teeth (the picture) and the gums (the frame) as they are outlined by your lips when smiling, are essential for the best results. 

The Goal of Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry mimics the natural beauty of a healthy youthful smile. For the teeth that means straight, even with no spaces and no signs of wear and aging. For the gums, that means a healthy pink color that is level and completely fills any spaces between teeth. In nature, examples of the beauty of symmetry can be found everywhere; so designing a smile with symmetry is essential. 

Types of Cosmetic Procedures

Making a decision on what type of procedure to use is dependent on the desired final result, the pre-existing condition of your teeth and gums, and what needs to be done to get that smile you have always wanted. It is also dependent on your feelings about the conservation of tooth structure. Each procedure has a different degree of how much tooth structure may need to be removed. Although circumstances may vary, the general order from the least to the most tooth structure removed is: Bleaching – Bonding – Re-Shaping Teeth – Veneers – Inlays – Onlays – Crowns. Cosmetic gum treatments may also be needed to optimally shape, add, or trim the gums as needed. 

Cosmetic Dental Materials

Making a decision on what material to use is dependent on the desired final result, the pre-existing condition of your teeth, and how strong it needs to be. There are many types of tooth colored porcelains and plastic composites of varying durability and appearance, and although there is a general trend toward not using metals, metals do afford the most strength when used to support tooth colored porcelains. 

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry to improve your smile. Cosmetic dentistry refers to a variety of dental procedures that may be used singly or in combination to make teeth and smiles more attractive. It’s focused mainly on the appearance of your teeth, mouth, and smile. Do you have…spaces or gaps between the teeth, discolored teeth, crooked teeth, gummy smiles, small or short teeth, crowded or rotated teeth, unsightly or stained fillings? You can correct these issues and more with the help of cosmetic dentistry. Top 10 cosmetic dentistry procedures: teeth whitening, dental bonding, dental implants, dental veneers, dental crowns, dental bridges, dental fillings, cosmetic gum surgery, custom dentures, smile makeovers. Why should you consider cosmetic dentistry? The befits go far beyond cosmetic. Enjoy better oral health with straighter, easy to clean teeth. Improves self-confidence. Improves the functionality and appearance of teeth. Most procedures offer instant results. Fight signs of aging with healthy and long lasting treatments. What’s new? Increased demand for natural-looking, tooth-colored dental materials. Technological advancements; diagnostic lasers, intraoral cameras, tomography digital x-rays, and computer smile imaging. Latest techniques such as smile lifts and dental facelifts. Improved methods of payments and affordability. Did you know? A persons’ smile outranked eyes, hair, and body as the most important physical feature. American spend about 2.75 billion each year on cosmetic dentistry. Two thirds of cosmetic dentistry patients are female and 33 percent are male. Did you know, 50% of us citizens seek cosmetic dentistry to look good and feel younger, and 89% to improve physical attractiveness and self-esteem. The most sought after treatment is crowns and bridges with a 97% turnaround. It is never too late and you are never too old for cosmetic dentistry. Consult us to determine which cosmetic dental procedure is best for you.

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Invisalign for Severe Crowding with Tooth Extraction and Bleaching

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