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Affordable Dental Solutions from Dr. Leo Arellano

While we think of our teeth as permanent fixtures in our mouth, the fact is that decay or an accident can lead to the loss of an adult tooth. When this occurs, the missing tooth can cause damage to a person’s self-confidence as well as to his or her oral health. Patients often look for an affordable solution to replace their tooth and restore their self-esteem.

Dr. Leo Arellano of San Francisco provides a tooth replacement treatment with dental implants, a cosmetic surgery that also improves the health of the mouth. With dental implants, the replacement tooth will look, feel, and function like the natural tooth.

What are dental implants?

A dental implant is a replacement tooth root that attaches to a prosthetic tooth. During the dental surgery, a tiny metal rod is inserted into the jawbone. The mouth is given time to heal while the artificial root fuses with the bone. Once the bone has healed and the implant is secure, the dental crown will be placed.

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The benefits of dental implants

Because the process requires time for the jaw to heal, it can take several months to complete. However, dental implants offer several benefits over other tooth replacement options.

  • Permanence – With the proper care, a dental implant will be the only replacement tooth you need.
  • Durability – While other replacement tooth options can be damaged by certain foods or may slip out of place, dental implants are strong and secure. Patients can eat their favorite foods and speak clearly without worrying about embarrassment.
  • Natural appearance – Each replacement tooth is created according to the dentist’s instructions. Therefore, it blends in well with the remaining teeth. Patients can smile confidently knowing that friends, family, and colleagues will never know the tooth is not an original.
  • Oral health – A missing tooth hurts more than the appearance of your smile. Without a tooth, the jawbone can begin to break down and cause facial drooping and the nearby teeth can slip out of place.

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Root sensitivity caused by gum recession cured by a gum graft to cover the exposed sensitive root surface.

Photo by Dr. Leo Arellano

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Highly recommend Dr Arellano’s practice.
Dr. Arellano and his staffs are pros and with long experience. It’s your true dentist next door. You can see from pictures hanged on the walk that most, if not all, of his staffs have been working with him for ages. It speaks for itself for how well Arellano DDS PC is!

Have been patronizing this place for many years. Back then I used to live in the same neighborhood. Their service is so good that even after I moved to a new neighborhood that’s super far away from here I still continue to come here for all my dental care.

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