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Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we will be only seeing patients in our records with dental emergencies. We have made this decision in order to help prevent further spread of the virus and to keep our patients and community safe.

We thank you for your understanding during this crisis and we wish you all good health.

Put a new smile on life with the best cosmetic dentist in San Francisco

New smile on life with the best cosmetic dentist in San Francisco, Dr. Leo Arellano

People seek the benefits of smile enhancement for many different reasons. Some want the age reversing effects of a bright, beautiful, healthy smile; a smile makeover is a bit like a dental facelift, making the patient look healthier and more vibrant. Most people who seek treatment have cosmetic concerns about their smiles that have troubled them for years. Many people who are embarrassed about their teeth avoid smiling altogether, hiding their true personalities.

Historically, cosmetic smile enhancement was considered something that was only available to the rich and famous. With the advances in dental technology, materials, and techniques, modern dentistry can offer a wide variety of options for those seeking to enhance their smiles. Services range from simple, fast teeth whitening options, to orthodontic treatment with the Invisalign system. The results of any cosmetic dentistry procedure are only as good as the provider. The best cosmetic dentist is a general dentist with advanced scientific skills, an artistic eye, and experience.

San Francisco’s Dr. Leo Arellano and his talented dental team have the advanced skills, latest technology, and state of the art facility necessary to use today’s innovative dental materials in the most aesthetic way. The doctor and his staff are well known for providing exceptional care while creating beautiful, healthy smiles. The appearance of the work, as well as the effect it will have on a patient’s oral health is taken into consideration with every procedure performed.

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The foundation for a beautiful smile is a healthy oral system. The doctor has advanced training in the concept of complete dentistry. He is committed to helping his patients achieve lifelong optimal oral health by addressing the cause of oral problems, not just treating the symptoms.

Even if it has been a very long time since a patient has received dental care, they are not judged or lectured. The doctor is interested in helping his patients become healthier, and therefore, happier. His practice is very prevention oriented; patients receive the education and encouragement necessary to help them become advocates of their own oral health. The beautiful results of his work have brought tears of joy to the eyes of his patients.

Anyone who would like to restore their oral health and the beauty of their smile should call 415-881-4343 and schedule an appointment with Dr. Leo Arellano and his talented dental team today.

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Missing and fractured upper front teeth replaced with dental implants and crowns.

Photo by Dr. Leo Arellano

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Highly recommend Dr Arellano’s practice.
Dr. Arellano and his staffs are pros and with long experience. It’s your true dentist next door. You can see from pictures hanged on the walk that most, if not all, of his staffs have been working with him for ages. It speaks for itself for how well Arellano DDS PC is!

Have been patronizing this place for many years. Back then I used to live in the same neighborhood. Their service is so good that even after I moved to a new neighborhood that’s super far away from here I still continue to come here for all my dental care.

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