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San Francisco, CA, dentist discusses the costs and benefits of Pinhole Surgical treatment

dentist discusses the costs and benefits of Pinhole Surgical treatment

Most adults understand that good oral health is critical to preventing cavities; however, many don’t understand how these same habits can be important for helping to prevent gum disease which can result in gum recession. Many patients believe that gum recession can’t be reversed without painful gum grafts, however, San Francisco dentist, Dr. Leo Arellano, has had immense success with the Pinhole Surgical Technique® treatment. He helps patient understand how gum recession can occur and discusses the costs and consideration of this, and other, treatments.

What causes gum disease and recession?

Gum disease is caused when dental plaque and food particles are not properly removed from the teeth and cause an infection below the gums. In its early stages, gingivitis can cause bleeding or sore gums. However, as the infection grows, the gums can be at risk. Gum recession happens gradually, which means that most patients don’t notice it. The first signs they may notice are that the teeth become sensitive to hot, cold, or even sweet foods and beverages. Another common sign is that patients may feel a notch on their tooth or see a change in the enamel near the gum line.

Gum recession can also be caused by other factors such as brushing too hard or using a brush with stiff bristles. Genetics may also play a role in determining if you’re at risk for gum recession. Finally, trauma to the mouth, or teeth that are not in proper alignment can also be factors of gum recession.

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How can gum recession be treated?

If gum recession is not treated, it can lead to further damage of the teeth and gums, eventually leading to the loss of teeth. The type of treatment and cost to fix gum recession can vary, based on how far the gum has receded and how many areas of the mouth need to be treated.

How can gum recession be treated For gums that are just beginning to show signs of recession, a simple change of home oral hygiene habits may stop the problem. This can include better brushing and flossing habits, use of mouthwash, or being more careful while brushing and using gentle small circular strokes instead of aggressive back and forth brushing.

Gum recession that is more advanced may require more advanced treatment, such as a gum graft procedure, which involves removing gum tissue from one area of the mouth and placing it over the damaged area. While this is an effective treatment, it does have disadvantages. For example, this procedure involves two areas of the mouth that will have to heal, and only a limited number of teeth can be treated at a time. Depending on how many teeth need to be treated, it can be a costly, long, and uncomfortable process.

Dr. Arellano is pleased to offer the Pinhole Surgical Technique® to his patients who are experiencing gum recession. This treatment does not rely on scalpels, incisions, or stitches. Instead, the doctor uses specialized instruments that enter through a small opening made in the gums and then loosens the tissue and gently places it back into its proper position. This treatment causes less bleeding, swelling, and overall discomfort for the patient.

For more information about gum recession or the costs and considerations of treatment such as the Pinhole Surgical Technique®, call the office of Dr. Leo Arellano today at 415-881-4343.

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