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Pinhole Surgical Technique

Pinhole Surgical Technique
Pinhole Surgical Technique
Amy D - Before and After Case, Pinhole Surgical Technique San Francisco
Open Quote Icon, Pinhole Surgical Technique San Francisco A few months ago, I had a new procedure done called a pinhole gum graft. Due to receding gum lines, it was necessary that I needed to do this. The doctor gave me a choice between this new procedure or the traditional way of cutting into the gums. Oh boy am I glad I chose this new procedure. The healing process was so simple and painless. Throughout the healing I did not experience any pain at all which was great. Like most people I am allergic to pain. All I had to do was keep the area clean and rinse with a prescription mouthwash that the doctor prescribed. And that was basically it. If I had chosen to cut into the gums, I would probably still be in pain. I would definitely recommend this procedure to anyone. Close Quote Icon, Pinhole Surgical Technique San Francisco

Amy D.

Addressing gum recession with gum grafting and the Pinhole® Surgical Technique

Many patients think about brushing and flossing as a way to prevent cavities. While it is a good prevention strategy for tooth decay, good oral care also helps to protect the gums. Gum disease can range in severity and treatment. At the mildest stage, gingivitis has relatively minor symptoms that aren't painful and can be easily treated. However, as gum disease progresses, patients can develop greater problems, including gum recession. Gum recession can also be caused by aggressive toothbrushing habits and by hereditary genetic factors.

As it often occurs gradually, many patients don't notice the beginning stages of gum recession, or the process that leads to the gum tissue beginning to pull away from the teeth. At first patients may notice that teeth become sensitive or appear to be longer. Often, patients will feel something on the teeth or notice a change in color near the gum line.

Gum recession should not be ignored. Left untreated it can continue to cause damage to the teeth and gum tissue, and could ultimately lead to loss of the teeth. Gum recession can be treated in several ways. Two of the most popular treatment options are gum grafting and the Pinhole® Surgical Technique (PST®). Gum grafting is the traditional method of treating gum recession. To perform a gum graft, gum tissue is usually taken from one area of the mouth and then placed over the area where the gum has receded. This causes two areas of the mouth to require time to heal and often only one or two teeth can be treated at a time.

Dr. Leo Arellano of Leo Arellano DDS PC in San Francisco uses an alternative to gum grafting, called the Pinhole® Surgical Technique to address gum recession. This technique does not rely on scalpel incisions or sutures as other gum grafts do. Instead, Dr. Arellano uses a needle to make a small hole in the gums and then uses patented professional instruments to loosen the gum tissue and move it back into place. This procedure causes less pain, inflammation, and bleeding for the patient.

If you're a dental patient who has recently learned that you'll need gum grafting surgery to address receding gums, call the office of Dr. Leo Arellano DDS PC today to learn more about this scalpel-free, suture-free, gum rejuvination technique.

Watch this video to learn the differences between conventional gum grafting and Pinhole Surgical Technique!

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The overall look of my teeth is much better than before and I feel great every time I smile. Thank you for the superb work you have done for me & I will be very glad to recommend my friends to you should their needs be the same.
Dentist San Francisco  Dawn P.Dentist San Francisco

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