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Dentist in San Francisco, CA area explains the Pinhole® Surgical Technique for gum recession

Dentist Explains Pinhole® Surgical Technique San Francisco CA

When patients in the San Francisco, CA area are faced with gum recession or are interested in recontouring their gum line for a more aesthetic appearance, gum grafting is often the treatment of choice. However, our dentist, Dr. Leo Arellano, can explain to patients another option that has several benefits: Pinhole® surgical technique.

What is the Pinhole® surgical technique?

Dr. Leo Arellano and his team of professionals provide this patented method of restoring the gums using the Pinhole® surgical technique developed by Dr. John Chao. This method has become one of the most popular options for our patients, as it is suture free, scalpel free, and virtually pain free. It greatly improves the patient experience for restoring the gum line and addressing contour issues. This procedure uses a small hole created with a special needle, while using a specially designed instrument to gently and carefully loosen the gum tissue, then sliding it over the recessed area. This scalpel-free technique requires specialized training to be performed and is a breakthrough solution for gum recession and rejuvenation today!

What are the advantages of Pinhole® surgical technique when compared to traditional gum grafting?

Pinhole® surgical technique has several major benefits to patients who are interested in contouring their gum line. Advantages include:

  • Less dental insurance restrictions
  • The ability to treat the entire mouth in one appointment
  • Improved patient acceptance
  • Less time in the treatment chair
  • Fewer chances of infection with proper aftercare
  • Virtually pain free treatment
  • A scalpel-free, suture-free alternative to gum grafting

Who is a candidate for Pinhole® surgical technique?

All patients who are interested in gum grafting are welcome to ask if they are a candidate for this method of treatment. The Pinhole® surgical technique offers patients an alternative to more invasive gum grafting procedures that also take a considerable amount of time, as only small areas can be treated during each appointment. With the Pinhole® surgical technique, patients can achieve restoration of the entire mouth in just one visit. This dramatically changes the amount of time, and the costs, associated with traditional treatments. Dr. Leo Arellano and his staff can advise patients as to the overall cost of treatment after assessing any applicable dental insurance benefits.

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Is Pinhole® surgical treatment safe and effective?

Absolutely! Dr. Leo Arellano has extended experience and training to perform this procedure and ensure that it provides the results that patients expect. Our practice is equipped with this and other technologies and solutions that can greatly improve patient experience while ensuring amazing, noticeable, and beautiful results!

What can a patient expect for recovery after the Pinhole® surgical technique?

Traditional gum grafting procedures are relatively invasive and require extensive recovery and healing time to bring the smile back to health. Additionally, patients deal with sutures, which can increase the risk of infection. Thanks to the Pinhole® surgical technique, patients seeking gum rejuvenation no longer must worry about the recovery time typically required. Instead, because this procedure is non-invasive and does not require sutures, patients will be able to enjoy faster healing times and less of an effect on their day-to-day life and overall experience. Our professionals encourage patients to ask questions about this procedure and discuss the process of healing, so they can be better prepared for the procedure itself. Patients love the ability to quickly and easily heal after the procedure, instead of experiencing a more noticeable impact in their social and business lives. Recovery is fast, simple, and reduces chances of infection with proper aftercare.

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Patients who are interested in finding out more about Pinhole® surgical technique treatment for gum contouring and rejuvenation are encouraged to take the time to educate themselves further on how the treatment works and the amazing benefits it can provide. The practice of Dr. Leo Arellano is in San Francisco, CA at 3030 Geary Boulevard, and an appointment can be made when patients call the friendly front office team at 415-881-4343.

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