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Dentist San Francisco - Dr. ArellanoOur experienced dental team understands how difficult it can be to choose a dental home. Your smile is all your own, and you want to know that your dental needs are attended to with the utmost attention to detail. When you visit our office, you will be helped by a friendly, knowledgable staff and a dental team with the exact training and experience you can rely on to handle your smile with the highest standard of care.

Some of our patients and staff have been with us for more than two decades, but we do not take this in stride. We continue to grow and learn as dental professionals so that we improve the level of care however possible. Sometimes this is through innovative dental technology, new and improved dental materials, or techniques to facilitate the greatest outcome from preventive, restorative, or cosmetic dental treatments.

How we feel physically and how we feel about our appearance is all linked to the smile. It is important to work with a dental team that understands the impact oral health has on the entire body, and also how the appearance of the smile affects confidence. We work with each individual patient to design a treatment plan that will accomplish the desire for oral health and attractiveness.

Our service also extends into the area of insurance and financial arrangements. Our friendly office staff has years of experience helping patients gain the greatest benefit from treatment by facilitating workable payment options.

Our office was recently honored with the Gold certification status given by the Green Business Bureau, a nationally recognized organization that fosters environmental awareness among businesses and promotes environmentally responsible business practices.

"Why choose us?" The bottom line is, it's all about YOU. Contact our San Francisco dental office to schedule a one on one consultation with Dr. Arellano, and experience the benefits of a truly healthy mouth and a great looking smile.

Dr. Arellano's office was recently honored with the Gold certification status given by the Green Business Bureau, a nationally recognized company that fosters environmental awareness among businesses and promotes business practices that are environmentally responsible.

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Porcelain Veneers to Repair Old Fillings and Close Space
Invisalign to Straighten Moderate Crowding & Moderate Space
Full Reconstruction with Veneers and Crowns
Implant Supported Upper Partial Denture
Porcelain Crowns, Onlays and Inlays to Replace Old Fillings
Full Reconstruction with Veneers, Crowns and Partial Denture
Gum Grafting
Full Reconstruction with Braces, Gum Surgery, Implants and Crowns
Implants and Crowns to Replace Defective Bridge
Invisalign for Severe Crowding with Tooth Extraction and Bleaching
Porcelain Crowns and Gum Trimming to Replace Defective Old Crowns
Porcelain Veneers to Repair Severe Wear and Erosion
Porcelain Veneers to Repair Broken Lower Teeth
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