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Daly City, CA finds relief for TMJ disorder

TMJ Daly City CA - Dr. Arellano is happy to help patients in Daly City CA find solutions for TMJ disorder

The TMJ (temporomandibular joints) are part of the structure that connects the mandible (bottom jaw) to the skull. The joints work with a complex system of bones, discs, ligaments, and muscles to allow the mandible to move forward and back, side to side, and up and down, making it possible to chew, swallow, and speak, among other oral actions. They are the most delicate and sophisticated joints in the entire body. When the coordinating structures are not properly aligned, painful temporomandibular disorder (TMD) can occur causing numerous problems to arise.

Signs and symptoms of TMJ disorder

Over 15 percent of Americans suffer with the pain of TMD. It most commonly occurs in in individuals between 20 and 40 years old, more women than men develop this condition. Unfortunately, there are no definitive tests for TMD. They fall in the category of diagnosis by deduction, in other words, doctors use deductive reasoning to reach the correct conclusion. With a review of medical and dental history, an examination, and an assessment of the symptoms that are occurring,

Dr. Arellano can make an accurate diagnosis. He may request x-rays, or make a mold of the teeth to examine the bite.

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There are a number of symptoms of this complex condition:

  • Grating, popping, or clicking in the jaw joints; sometimes painful, when chewing, or when opening or closing the mouth
  • Pain, tenderness, or ache radiating through the jaw, face, neck, or shoulders
  • Difficulty opening the mouth wide, or the jaws becoming locked or stuck in the open or closed position
  • Discomfort when chewing
  • A feeling as if the upper and lower teeth are not fitting together correctly
  • A feeling of tiredness in the face
  • Jaw muscle swelling or stiffness
  • Earache, or pain around the ear
  • Other symptoms include tinnitus (ringing in the ears), hearing problems, dizziness, neck aches, toothaches, and headaches

Treatment for TMD can range from simple lifestyle changes to corrective surgery, although surgical correction is rarely necessary for this condition, so it is extremely uncommon. Dr. Arellano and his team work closely with patients to develop an effective treatment plan. A comfortable oral appliance worn at night and some simple lifestyle changes may be all that is necessary to restore comfort. Call 415-881-4343 today to schedule a consultation with the doctor and team who can relieve the pain for people in Daly City CA and the surrounding areas.

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Missing and fractured upper front teeth replaced with dental implants and crowns.

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