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Dr. Leo Arellano at Leo Arellano DDS PC Providing Simple Tips for tooth whitening

With the hectic pace of modern life, everything is done faster, including forming perceptions of others. Studies have found that most people make snap judgments about a person’s character within 30 seconds of meeting them. In a culture that focuses on facial beauty, a healthy attractive smile is more important than ever.

Cosmetic dentistry, which was once considered something that was exclusive to movie stars, is now benefiting people from all walks of life. With the advances in dentistry, there are effective and affordable solutions for nearly every esthetic concern. Dr. Leo Arellano and his talented team offer a wide array of services ranging from simple tooth whitening to complex smile makeovers.

Sometimes, simply removing stains and discoloration is the only treatment needed to give patients a terrific smile. Tooth whitening is the most requested cosmetic dental enhancement available today. The number of treatments performed annually has increased by more than 300 percent since 1996. Dr. Arellano offers several systems to whiten teeth, with options to whiten quickly in his office or conveniently at home.

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Teeth can be lightened effectively by either method; however, the result will not be permanent. Periodic touch-up is necessary to maintain optimal brightness. The longevity of the whiteness varies between individuals, and depends on factors such as age, heredity, and habits. If the initial discoloration was caused by lifestyle habits, and they are unchanged after treatment, results can begin to fade in as little as four weeks, if not sooner. Alternatively, results can last for several years if;

  • Smoking and smokeless tobaccos are avoided
  • Staining beverages such as soda, tea, coffee, fruit juices, and wine are avoided, or sipped through a straw to reduce contact with the teeth.
  • The teeth are brushed or rinsed immediately after consuming richly colored foods. If the food is acidic the mouth should be rinsed, but brushing delayed for twenty minutes to give the tooth enamel time to harden.

During the first 48 hours after in office whitening treatment, the teeth are especially susceptible to staining. During this period, it is recommended that all staining substances be avoided. Dr. Arellano offers a complimentary 15-minute consultation to give the people of San Francisco the opportunity to learn about teeth whitening or other dental treatments. Patients are encouraged to call 415-881-4343 and arrange a personal consultation.

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Have been patronizing this place for many years. Back then I used to live in the same neighborhood. Their service is so good that even after I moved to a new neighborhood that’s super far away from here I still continue to come here for all my dental care.

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