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Better Than Metal Braces

Invisalign in San Francisco

Every individual is deserving of a happy and healthy smile. If your smile contains teeth that are crowded or spaced too far apart, you may hide the best part of yourself from those around you. Rather than cover your mouth when you laugh or speak, consider how Invisalign in San Francisco can help you gain confidence through your best smile.

In the past, there was one basic option in orthodontics. These traditional metal braces were a bit uncomfortable; not to mention a bit unsightly. Cumbersome brackets and wires were a necessary evil of sorts. More than that, this method of straightening teeth could also set a patient up for difficulty when brushing and flossing for the many months that the braces are worn. Today, Invisalign has changed the face of braces!

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Invisalign, the new method of gaining a beautifully straight smile, is ideal for patients who have slight to moderate misalignments of the teeth that are visible when he or she smiles. When you choose this method over traditional metal braces, you move towards straighter teeth without ever broadcasting the fact that you are wearing a dental device. This is perhaps the number one reason why so many patients choose Invisalign over braces.

Aside from appearance, Invisalign has the benefit of being removable and completely comfortable. This way of straightening teeth has eliminated the risk of cutting or irritating the cheek and gums caused by the metal brackets and wires of braces. The removable trays, while they should be worn regularly, can be quickly and easily taken out during meals and when brushing and flossing your teeth. In this way, you maintain the highest level of oral hygiene while going through this orthodontic treatment.

Using Invisalign is simple. Your dentist takes impressions of your teeth and sends the molds to the lab where a series of custom trays are fabricated. Once these have been completed, your dentist will fit you with your first tray and send you home with a few. Trays are to be worn at all times other than the instances mentioned above. Every few weeks, as prescribed in your treatment plan, you will change to the next tray in the series and visit your dentist periodically for assessment.

With Invisalign, you get straighter teeth without the hassle or discomfort. Speak with your dentist to start towards your best smile!

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Dr. Arellano has been my dentist since 1989 and I believe he is the best of the best! I have experienced many uncomfortable dental procedures in the past, many due to painful injections. Dr. Arellano has excellent technique in anesthetizing that results in painless injections. He truly cares about his patients and his work. His staff, especially Mei, is extraordinary and will go above and beyond to work in appointments, assist in resolving payment/insurance issues, referrals, etc. Dr. Arellano and his team have always provided excellent care and service over the years. I highly recommend him for your dental care.

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