Daly City CA smiles beautifully with porcelain veneers

Daly City CA smiles beautifully with porcelain veneers

Dr. Leo Arellano and his skilled team help many residents of Daly City, San Francisco, and across the CA Bay Area love their healthy, beautiful smiles. By offering a wide range of preventive, restorative, and cosmetic services, the doctor and his team can meet the unique oral health needs and cosmetic goals of each patient. Porcelain veneers are one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures offered today for some very good reasons:

  • Conservative – A porcelain veneer involves a minimal amount of enamel removal for placement, whereas a dental crown requires significant reduction of the tooth.
  • Adaptable – A flaw in a single tooth can be covered with a veneer that has been made to match the rest of the teeth for seamless integration into the smile. Alternatively, all visible teeth can be covered with veneers for a fast, effective smile makeover.
  • Versatile – A number of cosmetic problems can be improved using porcelain veneers, they can change the appearance of the size, shape, color, or alignment of the teeth. They can also be used to cover chips, pits, and gaps between teeth. A smile can be improved with a single treatment rather than needing orthodontics, bonding, crowns, and other services to correct each problem separately.
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  • Long lasting – Porcelain veneers resist stains better than natural tooth enamel, and they are very durable. With proper care, they can last 20 years or longer.
  • Fast – Veneers typically require just three dental appointments. The consultation is needed to ensure veneers are the best treatment to meet the patient’s goals. If decay, gum disease, or other issues exist, they will require treatment before veneers can be placed. During the preparation appointment, the doctor prepares the teeth, takes impressions, and sends the impressions and other pertinent information such as color to the dental laboratory. Temporary veneers may be placed at this time, if necessary. During the final visit, the veneers are checked and adjusted if necessary. They are bonded to the teeth and the patient walks out of our office with a brand new smile.

Dr. Arellano and his caring team love watching the delight of patients when they see their beautiful new smiles. Call 415-881-4343 to schedule an appointment today.

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Highly recommend Dr Arellano’s practice.
Dr. Arellano and his staffs are pros and with long experience. It’s your true dentist next door. You can see from pictures hanged on the walk that most, if not all, of his staffs have been working with him for ages. It speaks for itself for how well Arellano DDS PC is!

Have been patronizing this place for many years. Back then I used to live in the same neighborhood. Their service is so good that even after I moved to a new neighborhood that’s super far away from here I still continue to come here for all my dental care.

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