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When missing a tooth or several teeth in Daly City ask about dental implants

tooth implants daly city

Dr. Leo Arellano practices biomimetic dentistry, focusing on the long-term survival of the natural tooth. With his advanced knowledge and conservative treatments, patients are able to retain their natural teeth longer, ideally, for a lifetime. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to save a tooth, and when one is lost, replacement is essential. Missing teeth can have a devastating effect on several levels.

  • When there is a gap in the dental arch, it can make it difficult to chew properly, which can hinder nutrition and digestion.
  • The existing teeth can lean into the gap, affecting the alignment of the teeth.
  • The esthetic effects can lower self-esteem and hinder comfortable social interaction.

Replacing missing teeth is important to oral, overall, and emotional health; and dental implants are the most popular option for several reasons.

Healthier teeth

The traditional options to replace missing teeth are partial dentures and dental bridges, both of which rely on the teeth next to the gap for support. This places additional stress on the anchor teeth when chewing. Additionally, dental bridges require significant reduction of the adjacent teeth to accommodate the crowns that support the replacement tooth. Furthermore, dental bridges require special care to clean under them with a floss threader. Dental implants are standalone restorations. Because they provide the same stimulation to the jawbone that natural teeth do, they prevent the bone loss that is inherent with missing teeth

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By replacing extensively damaged teeth that cannot be repaired or filling gaps from previously lost teeth, the health of the gums is protected. Gaps and damaged tooth structure are difficult to clean effectively, making these areas ideal breeding grounds for harmful bacteria. When these bacteria begin to collect, endodontic disease (damaged dental pulp) and periodontal (gum) disease are more likely to develop. This can destroy gum tissue and the structures that support the teeth, resulting in the loss of teeth and bone.

Healthier life

Missing teeth, endodontic disease, and periodontal disease can have a negative effect on a person’s overall health and wellbeing. Periodontal disease has been linked to serious medical conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. Dental implants replace the roots of teeth and the crowns or bridges on top replace the visible part of teeth, making them the only complete restorations for missing teeth. The reduced risk of oral damage and disease, improved ability to eat and digest healthy foods, and restored esthetics promote a healthier mouth, a healthier body, and improved self-esteem.

Dr. Leo Arellano and his exceptional team are responsible for many of the happy, healthy smiles seen on the streets of Daly City, San Francisco, and across the Bay Area. Call 415-881-4343 to schedule an appointment today.

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