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Issue #54
Give the Gift of Health!

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Chew on this: The benefits of sugar-free gum
If you have a “sweet tooth,” you are all too familiar with the challenge of keeping it free of cavities. Sugarless treats are a great solution. In fact, a new study from the University of Groningen shows that chewing sugarless gum can have benefits similar to flossing.

Researchers found that a single piece of chewing gum trapped an average of 100,000,000 bacteria. The number of bacteria in the gum increased the longer it was chewed. Don’t throw out the floss, though. The American Dental Association has warned that chewing gum may be a good adjunct to brushing and flossing, but it is not a replacement. Additionally, be sure that your gum is sugar-free. Some brands even include ingredients to help re-mineralize teeth. Read more
My Smile Gallery

A new Maryland Bridge and general teeth cleaning to replace the old defective Maryland Bridge are conservative ways to replace missing teeth without capping the adjacent teeth and to enhance your smile.
We Wish Manny All The Best!
Thursday, June 9th was Manny Vasquez's last day with us. As a favorite hygienist for many of you, he leaves us to help care for and spend more time with ailing family members. His commute from Healdsburg, CA one and a half days a week is a testament to his commitment to his profession. As our first male Registered Dental Hygienist that we've hired, he reminded me of my first job in the dental profession also as a Registered Dental Hygienist before going to dental school. We will all miss him and hope he was also able to take with him something special about our dental practice and our family of patients here.
Surprise Visit!
We were recently surprised by a visit from a former dental assistant Peggy Wang, RDA. After leaving us to pursue her career to become a dental hygienist, she is now finishing her program. Her generous gift and kind words about us were a reminder of how sad we were to see her leave. We wish her the best in her new career.
Another Goodbye...
Bennie Gray, our most recent dental assistant of just a few months, has had to move back to Stockton to help out his family. With that daily distant commute, he has given us notice of his last day to be July 7th. Although his career in the dental profession is still young, he has proven to be a real asset to us and wish him the best.
Office Flood
In our March 2016 newsletter, we wrote about the damage to an area of walls and floors brought on by the flash flooding from the heavy rains last January. After some time dealing with the insurance company and contractors, we completed the repairs on June 8th. Next time your at our office, come see the vinyl tiling we used to replace the carpets in the treatment rooms.
Tree Trimming - Not the Christmas kind
So many of you always compliment how beautiful and lush our garden is. But, we regularly need to thin out the Japanese maple tree branches to allow sunlight to reach the inner branches and to limit the overall tree growth. We usually do this after the leaves have fallen, but this year it was done after the new growth of leaves for the season was finished. What a shock! It was like a getting a haircut from a full head of hair to a short military crew cut :) -Leo
Sleep Apnea - "Do I have sleep apnea?"
For those wondering if their symptoms are sleep apnea, remember that just like high blood pressure needing to be diagnosed with a blood pressure cuff, sleep apnea is diagnosed with proper screening and a sleep test. Because of the lack of this, many physicians miss the early diagnosis of sleep apnea in their patients.

I have personally visited many physician offices in the Bay Area, and almost all of them do not screen their patients for sleep apnea much less even ask if their patient snores. I even had one cardiologist say they "can just tell" if a person has sleep apnea. I have helped set up sleep programs in cardiologist offices and have found a high percentage of their patients screen positive for sleep apnea, and when sleep tested many have sleep apnea. With studies showing a high association of cardiovascular problems and other health issues with sleep apnea, it's unfortunate that most physicians are not at least properly screening their patients. Even physicians who specialize in sleep disorders have told me that they have found resistance from most other physicians to properly screen and refer patients out for evaluation. Mostly, by the time a patient complains of symptoms, their sleep apnea is so severe that CPAP is the only real treatment option.

Dentist made oral appliances to treat sleep apnea are appropriate for mild to moderate sleep apnea, or for those people who cannot tolerate or are not fully able to comply with the use of their CPAP. We have been averaging about 5 oral appliances per month from patients previously undiagnosed with sleep apnea or who are looking for an alternative to the CPAP machine. Contact us for more information. -Leo
Pinhole® Surgical Technique - Wow!
After being certified in March 2016 in this new technique for gum grafting to treat gum recession, we have completed 3 cases with astounding results. Here is the very first case we did. This method does not require cutting or stitching, and the patient did not need any pain medication afterward. Contact us to treat or avoid the risk of root sensitivity, root cavities, and gum disease caused by gum recession. This method can also be used to even-up the gum line around teeth and to cover exposed crown/cap edges that look bad.
Happy Father's Day!
What a way to enjoy Father's Day weekend as part of my daughters' ballet performance of Don Quixote. I'll have photos of the performance in the next newsletter. -Leo
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