Issue #50
NOVEMBER 2015 Newsletter
Energy drink consumption and oral health
We often hear about the health risks of soda, including increased risk of cavities. This is associated with sugar, which feeds harmful oral bacteria, causing them to thrive and begin forming plaque. The acid produced by bacteria softens and eventually erodes enamel; leading to the pits that we call cavities. Many people ask why soda is more harmful than other sugary foods and drinks, and the answer is acid. These drinks, even sugar-free soda, tend to be highly acidic, which can soften enamel almost immediately on contact, accelerating the process of decay.

Although drinking soda has been associated with a doubled risk of cavities in children, it may not be the worst drink choice. There is a common misconceptions that energy drinks are a healthy alternative to soda, though they typically have even more sugar and acid. According to WHO (the World Health Organization) an average energy drink has more sugar than the maximum recommended daily intake.

The healthiest choice for your teeth and the rest of your body is water. It is healthy, hydrating, and actually improves oral health by washing away bacteria and food particles. If you choose to consume soda, energy drinks, or other sugary and acidic substances, avoid the common mistake of brushing too soon. Rinse your mouth immediately after you finish, but wait about 30-60 minutes before brushing so the enamel has time to re-harden. Even a soft toothbrush can damage enamel that has been softened by acid. Read more
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What’s new at our practice
Online Appointment Booking on
We recently signed up with an online directory service that allows booking of limited types of appointments. Although primarily for marketing purposes to attract new patients to our practice, existing patients will be able to book examination, consultation, and cleaning appointments through a link that can be found on my website. Check out my profile and photos at ZocDoc by clicking here.

Some creative dental humor

A Dental Halloween Horror Story?
A man loses his memory and wakes up everyday thinking he has a dentist appointment.
Read more.

Snoring and Sleep Apnea News
For those of you who I have seen for examination appointments, you probably noticed that I am now routinely asking screening questions, looking for oral conditions, and reviewing your medical histories for conditions associated with snoring and sleep apnea. I'm excited to say that I have discovered 4 patients in the past couple of months who had sleep apnea that were not diagnosed by their physicians.

Sleep apnea is largely undiagnosed until it gets severe and contributes to a number of health problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, weight gain, acid reflux, and others. Yet, physicians rarely screen for it to catch it while it is only mild to moderate in severity. Catching it early has been shown to prolong and increase the quality of your life, and it allows one to choose an oral appliance over a CPAP mask to help treat the sleep apnea. Read more

Super Blood Moon - Total Lunar Eclipse
For those of you who missed it, I took these photos of this unusual super blood moon total lunar eclipse on September 27, 2015. See more photos.

Zion National Park: The Narrows - A Downhill Hike
Taking on an adventure like no other, our gang covered the 17 miles of the Zion Narrows Top-Down Through Hike. We started with a pre-dawn wake-up to catch our 90-minute shuttle to the trailhead at Chamberlain’s Ranch. After nearly 9 hours of sloshing downstream through the Virgin River, we emerged at the Temple of Sinawava in Zion's main valley. It was an ankle-twisting hike that took us into some neck-high waters but also rewarded us with awe-inspiring views of 1500-foot deep slot canyons and several waterfalls. Read more.
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