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Leo Arellano DDS
Issue #48
JULY 2015 Newsletter
DIY gone too far: Experts warn against a dangerous new trend
The internet, with its endless wealth of information, ideas, and “insider secrets,” has spawned a generation of do-it-yourselfers. Now you can cook, clean, repair, or build nearly anything just like the experts – but there are limits. When it comes to your health, YouTube is the wrong place to look for help.

Unfortunately, a trend of DIY orthodontics is emerging, and it is causing people to damage their teeth, sometimes permanently. A number of instructional videos and blogs have appeared, claiming to teach you how to straighten your teeth without a dentist or orthodontist. Some promote the use of household products such as rubber bands and wire, while others are selling elastics and similar implements.

This type of so-called “orthodontics” can damage teeth and gums, increasing the risk of oral disease, cavities, and other problems. Because pressure is applied indiscriminately, often at poor angles, teeth can become loose and even fall out. DIY orthodontics can easily become DIY extractions!

This is just another example of how unofficial medical “advice” on the internet can be misleading and hazardous. If you have any dental concerns, don’t take chances – call us.
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What’s new at our practice
We are happy to introduce, Lydia Mondino, RDA
Leo Arellano DDS
Have you ever been told that someone has years of experience, but then you find out that they never advanced themselves in those years, and worse they are not willing or able to learn or change? Lydia's 20+ years of experience as a dental assistant is different. Instead of stagnating at the same level over the years, I see that she has advanced herself by knowing that she can always learn and improve herself. We hope that she will grow with us for a long time.

Recently relocating to San Francisco from Sonoma County, Lydia earned her Registered Dental Assistant certification in 1995. She has worked for general, cosmetic, and holistic dentists and comes to us with high praises.

Afraid to get a tooth pulled by the dentist?
Leo Arellano DDS
Watch this boy's pet bird help him through the treatment ... and without anesthesia! :)
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The reason why I haven't had a big event hike this year ... yet!
Leo Arellano DDS
I've always believed that life goes through phases, and this is one of those times. Right now, my 2 girls are at that age when they are now more involved with their extracurricular activities that require more of my involvement. I have taken particular interest with their ballet lessons, and I have increasingly been involved with the photography and videography of their school's rehearsals and performances. As some of you may know, I also have a passion for photography, and so my being indirectly involved with their dancing gives us an activity that we can now do together. Maybe someday, that activity could be hiking, but knowing their dislike of the outdoors I'm more likely to join them dancing :)
Smile Makeover
Leo Arellano DDS

Replacing a missing front tooth with a fixed bridge has made this patient smile more.
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Leo Arellano DDS
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