How the Pinhole Surgical Technique® can help San Francisco residents suffering from gum infections.

Pinhole Surgical Technique San Francisco, Pinhole Surgical Technique San Francisco

If you’ve noticed some bleeding when brushing your teeth, you’re not alone. Many people believe that a little bit of “pink in the sink” is a normal part of brushing or an indication that they brushed with too much pressure. However, bleeding gums is never normal and is often an indication of an infection within the gums. If you’ve noticed bleeding or other signs of gum disease such as red or inflamed gums or bad breath, you could have a mild form of gum disease.

Understanding gum disease

Many patients believe that brushing and flossing are important steps to preventing cavities. However, removing food particles and dental plaque from the teeth is also important to ensuring the health of your gums as well. When those particles are left on the teeth, they can cause bacteria to grow under the gum line. This can lead to irreversible damage within the mouth if not treated early. There are two stages of gum disease.

Gingivitis is the mildest form of gum disease. When caught in this stage, gum disease can be treated with professional dental cleaning and better oral hygiene habits at home.

Periodontitis occurs when the gum disease progresses. The plaque that remains on the teeth forms tartar, which can cause the gums to swell. Over time, the gums will separate from the teeth, creating pockets where the infection can grow. The risks of periodontitis include the infection spreading to the bone and tissue, recession of the gums, or causing teeth to become loose, shift, or be damaged.

Treating gum disease

Treatment for advanced gum disease often involves surgery, and once the infection is addressed the patient must also address some of the damage such as a recessed gum line. To rebuild the gum line Dr. Leo Arellano of San Francisco performs an advanced treatment using the pinhole gum surgery technique. This procedure is far less invasive and has less recovery time than traditional methods.

Keeping your gums healthy is an important part of ensuring dental health. For more information about addressing the effects of gum disease with the Pinhole Surgical Technique call the office of Dr. Leo Arellano today.

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A removable partial denture and failing remaining lower teeth replaced with a dental implant supported hybrid denture that is firmly retained by screws.

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