Benefitting your entire body

Dental Care Benefitting your entire body

There are several hundred species of bacteria living in each person’s mouth. Most are not harmful; however, the few that are, do cause quite a disturbance. Dentists and hygienists have long battled the effects of bacteria in patients through regular cleanings and exams; and sometimes more aggressive treatments when tooth decay, gingivitis or advanced gum disease has set in. Now we are finding that oral health is supported and maintained with good bacteria. This makes perfect sense when you consider this is the way nature intended the body to work.

If our bodies were made to handle the bacteria that float around, then why are these tiny creatures suddenly causing so many problems? Largely, the problems in the mouth and body come from diet. The regular consumption of processed carbohydrates and other high sugar foods throws off the balance of oral bacteria, resulting in lactic acid build up. This acid erodes the protective enamel on teeth and can even cause more significant issues when it reaches the inner dentin of the tooth.

It has been discovered in recent years that bacteria in the mouth not only adversely affect the immediate area by causing tooth decay and gum disease, but they also spread to reach other organs in the body. When harmful bacteria in the mouth are not brought under control, there is the potential for health complications that include:

  • Difficulty in controlling blood glucose levels and diabetes
  • Higher risk of upper respiratory infections
  • Chronic halitosis
  • Higher risk of heart disease and stroke

Brushing and flossing regularly, up until now, has been the best course of action dentists could offer their patients. Today, there is a completely natural approach that Dr. Arellano is happy to recommend to patients who want to improve their oral health, EvoraPlus®.

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An oral probiotic mint that melts on the tongue, EvoraPlus® contains a blend of beneficial bacteria that crowd out the bad bacteria that cause bad breath. Good bacteria actually bind to the teeth and get deep beneath the gum line where brushing and flossing cannot reach. In these hiding places, they inhibit harmful bacteria from overpopulating and causing an unhealthy state of imbalance.

To learn more about how oral probiotics may benefit your health, speak with Dr. Arellano during your next check-up.


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Upper front tooth replaced with an all porcelain Maryland Bonded Bridge.

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I’ve been going to Dr. Arellano for about 20 years and I continue because of the excellent care and treatment I get with him and his whole office team. He is both professional and personable.
Recently I had a newer technique of gum surgery/grafting at his office called, “Pinhole Surgical Technique of gum grafting.” I personally found this to be much easier to handle than the other style of gum grafting that I received years ago for the other side of my mouth. That worked, it was where part of my roof of my mouth was cut and surgically sewn onto the gum. However, I much prefer the pinhole technique. It was actually the easiest dental work I’ve had (beyond regular cleaning) It didn’t take too long and it didn’t feel uncomfortable getting it done.... More Reviews