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NOVEMBER 2012 Newsletter

Fight oral cancer with a toothbrush
Gum disease is a serious, silent condition. Unimpeded, it deteriorates bone and soft tissues which support your teeth, resulting in bad breath, bleeding gums; eventually loss of teeth and a collapsed facial appearance. The bacteria which cause gum disease are also linked to grave illnesses such as heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and systemic diseases.

A recent study by the British Dental Health Foundation indicates another great reason to prevent and treat gum disease. Their study shows that patients with oral cancer caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV) had significant bone loss from gum disease - much more than patients with non-HPV tumors.

Additional investigation into the relationship between gum disease and HPV-related oral cancers is needed, but it may represent a strong risk factor. It's just one more reason to maintain oral health with good home care and regular dental visits. Read more

Put a new smile on life with the best cosmetic dentist in San Francisco
People seek the benefits of smile enhancement for many different reasons. Some want the age reversing effects of a bright, beautiful, healthy smile; a smile makeover is a bit like a dental facelift, making the patient look healthier and more vibrant. Most people who seek treatment have cosmetic concerns about their smiles that have troubled them for years. Many people who are embarrassed about their teeth avoid smiling altogether, hiding their true personalities. Historically, cosmetic smile enhancement was considered something that was only available to the rich and famous. With the advances in dental technology, materials, and techniques, modern dentistry can offer a wide variety of options for those seeking to enhance their smiles. Read more

A Special Thanks
This recent Thanksgiving holiday marked my 28th year of practicing dentistry. My how time flies! My receptionist, Mei Lee Tran, who has been working with me since the beginning recently remarked how many patients we still have who started with us in those early years. And even my other co-workers -- Kathie Bianucci, Debbie Wertheimer, and Suzan Hahn -- have either known me or worked with me since before I was a dentist and practicing as a dental hygienist. Thank You to all my office team mates and patients who have made my career not only a place of work, but also a place of family and friends.
Mexico Volcanoes - November 2012
After months of planning and training, my passion for hiking takes me to Mexico to first climb Iztaccihuatl (Itza), the 3rd highest peak in Mexico, and then Citlaltepetl better known as Pico de Orizaba, Mexico's highest peak and the 3rd highest peak in North America at over 18,000 feet high. The stunning beauty of these two summits was awesome, and all the hard work leading up to our successful summits made each climb an enjoyable adventure.

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Featured Videos
Izta summit video Orizaba summit video
Experience my final hike to the summit of
Izta at over 17,000 feet elevation.
Experience my final hike to the summit of
Orizaba at over 18,000 feet elevation.
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