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  Happy New Year!
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We are proud to upgrade our old camera to a new digital version that allows our patients to more quickly and easily see photographic pictures of their teeth.

Although we have already been doing this for many years, today's newer technology helps streamline the process while producing quality results. Now patients can see exactly what we're seeing to help them make decisions about treatment options.


JANUARY 2013 Newsletter

Happy New Year!
Welcome back to our first newsletter for 2013. After an enjoyable couple of days at Disneyland with my family over the holidays, and a wonderful New Year's Day sunrise hike to start the year, I am back ready and refreshed to help all my patients continue on their road to health. In carrying on the theme of being new, our office has a couple of new additions to help serve you better. I look forward to seeing all of you in 2013! Leo

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Space age developments in dentistry
Some dental practices wait for new equipment and procedures to become the norm. Dr. Leo Arellano and his team at San Francisco Cosmetic Dentistry believe in bringing the benefits of current technologies and training to their patients - right now. As you can see below, we provide 4 out of the 5 listed technologies.

While many founding principles remain at its core, dentistry tools and techniques have come a long way. The U.S. Surgeon General's Report, "Hope from Science and Technology", cites "remarkable advances" in this field.

These methods are gentler and more effective, and becoming increasingly available. Expect to soon see a practice near you offering:

. Air abrasion - A superfine spray of harmless aluminum oxide powder reduces the need for drilling. It's not noisy, there is no smell or vibration, and best of all, - usually no anesthetic is needed.

. Dental lasers - Laser energy can be used to vaporize diseased gum tissue and eliminate dental caries with little bleeding or discomfort.

. Digital x-rays - Low radiation images in a format that is easy to view, print, store, and send. High resolution is a big help in accurate diagnosis.

. Intra-oral cameras - This small instrument gives a high-quality, panoramic view of your mouth. It also allows you to preview cosmetic changes.

. Tissue engineering - This isn't yet mainstream, but growing your own tissues in a laboratory setting will be a terrific boon to patients who need gum or bone grafts.

Watch for more developments. Dentistry continues to progress for healthier, happier patients.
New Upholstery for Dental Chairs
We're in the process of reupholstering 2 of our patient dental chairs for your comfort. Both chairs should be finished before the end of this month.
Smile Makeover of the Month

Straightening your teeth at any age with Invisalign® improves your oral hygiene,
and both your oral and overall health.
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