San Francisco patients ask, “Is Invisalign better than braces?”

Invisalign Better Than Braces San Francisco

A great smile is important for plenty of reasons. Not only does it give many individuals a great boost of confidence, it can also help to improve personal and professional relationships. Individuals who have teeth that are misaligned often find themselves being critical of their own smile and appearance.

Dr. Leo Arellano, a trusted dentist in San Francisco, has been helping his patients improve their smiles for many years. Dr. Arellano recognizes that while many patients want to make changes because of their appearance, those changes can also improve the health of the mouth as well. Many adult patients do not want to undergo traditional orthodontics because they don’t want noticeable brackets and wires for several years.

To help patients achieve the smile they want, Dr. Arellano offers Invisalign treatment system. Invisalign offers patients a better smile without undergoing traditional orthodontic treatment. The system works by using a set of clear alignment trays that gently shift the teeth into proper position. The patient simply wears an alignment tray for a predetermined amount of time, typically two weeks, then moves onto the next tray in the series. This system also helps patients lessen the amount of time they spend in a dental chair as the appointments to have the wires tightened are eliminated.

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In addition to delivering great results, there are other great benefits to Invisalign. First, the trays can be removed when the patient eats, allowing individuals to keep eating their favorite foods. While the patient will need to wear the trays for as many hours as possible, they can also be removed for important meetings or social events. This gives many patients the confidence to invest the time and budget into the treatment system.

Caring for the teeth while undergoing treatment is simple and requires no extra time or equipment. Patients simply remove the trays to brush and floss their teeth and thoroughly clean the trays and then place them back in the mouth. Most dentists advise patient to wear the trays for 22-23 hours each day.

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