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Although dental implants have a proven record of success over the past 40 years, and have become the treatment of choice for replacing missing teeth, many myths about them are still floating around. Dr. Leo Arellano, a dentist who has extensive experience in restoring San Francisco smiles with dental implants, would like to dispel some of the misconceptions about this terrific treatment.

  1. Implant placement is painful – False! Patients are comfortably numbed during the procedure, and most report less post treatment discomfort than what is experienced after tooth extraction.
  2. Implants are expensive – False! With proper care, implants can last a lifetime. Other restorations such as bridges and dentures need periodic adjustment and replacement, making the long-term cost higher than it is for implants.
  3. Implants are simply fixed dentures – False! Implants are integrated with the jawbone, replacing the roots of the missing teeth. They provide stimulation to the jawbone, preventing bone loss and preserving the oral structure.
  4. Weak bone structure disqualifies patients from having treatment – False! In most cases, a bone graft can reinforce the jaw sufficiently to support implants.
  5. Senior citizens cannot receive implants – False! There is not an age limit for implant placement as long as the patient is in good oral and overall health.
  6. Dental implants are a new treatment – False! Implants have been in use for more than four decades, and more than three million people have dental implants
  7. Drinkers or smokers cannot get implants – False! Although it is true that drinking alcohol or using tobacco will reduce the chances of success, it does not necessarily preclude the possibility of getting implants.
  8. Implants frequently fail – False! With nearly 50 years of clinical research, implants enjoy an overall success rate of 96 percent. Implants are made of biocompatible material and complications are very rare.
  9. Implants are difficult to care for – False! Implants require the same care as natural teeth, effective brushing and flossing, and biannual dental checkups and professional cleanings.
  10. Implant placement is a lengthy procedure – False! Implant placement generally takes less than an hour.
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