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Dr. Leo Arellano at Leo Arellano DDS PC Providing Teeth Bleaching

Even though the dental aisles in stores are lined with products claiming to whiten teeth, many people who have tried them are disappointed with the results. For consumer safety, the bleaching agents in over the counter products are much weaker than those provided with professional oversight. Many people in San Francisco, and the surrounding areas, turn to Dr. Leo Arellano and his team to help them achieve a bright white smile. A brilliant smile offers numerous benefits:

  • First impressions – Studies have found people make judgments about the character of others within seconds of meeting them. Bright white smiles radiate warmth, health, and vitality. Sharing a beautiful smile creates a terrific first impression.
  • Youthful appearance – Discolored teeth are associated with aging. The simple act of whitening the smile can take several years off a person’s look.
  • Attractiveness – More than 95 percent of people who participated in a survey done by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry said that a nice smile makes a person more attractive.
  • Improved oral hygiene – Dentists have discovered that when their patients whiten their teeth, they are so pleased with their beautiful smile that they tend to take better care of it with effective oral hygiene and regular dental appointments.
  • Camera ready – Teeth whitening is a great way for patients to look stunning in photos at weddings, family reunions, and other special events.
  • Mood booster – When people love their smiles they tend to use them more often. Science has found that the act of smiling causes the body to release serotonin and endorphins, which are natural mood boosters and pain relievers.
  • Professional benefits – Whiter teeth are often associated with positive traits such as intelligence and dependability, valuable assets in job searches and business relationships.
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Dr. Leo Arellano and his team offer two methods of teeth whitening. In-office whitening can be completed in as little as one hour in our office. At-home whitening offers patients the convenience and comfort of whitening in their own home, on their own schedule. Whichever option is chosen, professional cleaning is recommended before whitening treatment begins for optimal results.

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"Instant orthodontics" to straighten and repair the upper front 4 teeth with veneers.

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We’ve gone to Dr Arellano for many years and have never been disappointed with any of the work he’s done. Recently my husband broke a tooth and Leo got him in and had the tooth repaired within a few short hours. Service like that is very hard to finds these days. His office staff is fantastic. Nice people you are always glad to see. I would highly recommend Dr Arellano to anyone who is searching for an honest, competent, well trained dentist.

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