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People in Daly City enjoy the many benefits of dental crowns

Dental Crowns from Daly City dentist

In modern dentistry, dental crowns serve both restorative and aesthetic purposes, however this wasn’t always true. Historically, crowns were simply for tooth repair. Man has used dental crowns for centuries to strengthen damaged teeth. Archaeologists have discovered evidence that the Etruscans were making dental crowns out of bone or ivory as early as 700 B.C., and they began using gold crowns by 200 A.D. Today, people in Daly City, San Francisco, and the surrounding areas enjoy numerous benefits from this procedure.

The primary function of a dental crown is to strengthen and protect damaged or weakened teeth. Although it may seem that extraction is the least expensive, fastest, and easiest way to treat a tooth with extensive damage – that is rarely the case. An extracted tooth should be replaced to stop the remaining teeth from leaning into the gap, which would cause misalignment and increase the risk of gum disease and tooth decay. Although dental implants and dental bridges are excellent restorations for missing teeth, neither makes a perfect replacement for a natural tooth. Usually, from both a health and financial standpoint, saving the tooth, when possible, is a better option. Left untreated, a damaged tooth can pose some significant health risks.

Without protection, a damaged tooth will continue to deteriorate. Bacteria can reach the pulp of the tooth and cause infection, which can spread to the surrounding area and cause a dental abscess to form. Untreated abscesses can cause serious complications; the infection can spread to the jawbone, soft tissue, and blood. Once in the blood, the infection can spread to other areas of the body and result in potentially life threatening conditions such as pneumonia and endocarditis. Placing a dental crown over a damaged tooth will protect it, preventing bacteria from reaching the dental pulp and causing an infection.

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Additionally, damaged teeth can harbor bacteria and increase the risk of periodontal (gum) disease. When periodontal disease develops, the inflammation originates in the gum tissue, but, without treatment, it can spread to the bones and ligaments supporting the teeth. It can cause loss of gum tissue, ligaments, bone, and teeth. Studies have found that the inflammation can spread to other major organs. It has been linked to heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, and a number of other serious health concerns. When the tooth is covered by a dental crown, the surfaces are smooth and easily cleaned to eliminate harmful bacteria.

Dental crowns are also used in cosmetic treatments to change the color, size, shape, or contour of flawed teeth; however, veneers or bonding may be a better option. Dr. Leo Arellano and his team offer a wide variety of options to help his patients enjoy optimal oral health and beautiful smiles. Call and inquire about our complimentary 15-minute consultations.

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I’ve been going to Dr. Arellano for about 20 years and I continue because of the excellent care and treatment I get with him and his whole office team. He is both professional and personable.
Recently I had a newer technique of gum surgery/grafting at his office called, “Pinhole Surgical Technique of gum grafting.” I personally found this to be much easier to handle than the other style of gum grafting that I received years ago for the other side of my mouth. That worked, it was where part of my roof of my mouth was cut and surgically sewn onto the gum. However, I much prefer the pinhole technique. It was actually the easiest dental work I’ve had (beyond regular cleaning) It didn’t take too long and it didn’t feel uncomfortable getting it done.... More Reviews