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Porcelain Veneers

How do I maintain my veneers

Do porcelain veneers stain with the consumption of tea, coffee, and wine?
When well made and taken care of, the porcelain is not expected to stain. If it does, it is a superficial stain that can be polished off. What can stain and be more difficult to correct is the visible edge or margin of the veneer. Placing these edges in non-visible areas will result in a more successful esthetic result.

If I have my upper teeth treated with porcelain veneers, will my lower teeth still be a different color?
Porcelain veneers on only the upper teeth can be made to match the color of the lower teeth depending on the desired esthetic goals.

What are realistic expectations?
Porcelain veneers used to be thin facings that only covered the visible side of the teeth with very little to no grinding down of the teeth. This was compared to the typical porcelain crowns (“caps”) made with metal underneath that required grinding down of the teeth. People recognized these crowns by the black lines at the edge of the crowns. As veneers became popular and as patients demanded better results along with the types of cases that were being treated, there was a change in how dentists did them. In cases where teeth are more crooked and discolored, more grinding down of the teeth is needed. Since they did not cover the entire tooth or because they did not involve metal, they were still called porcelain veneers. It comes down to understanding what needs to be done to get the desired result. The more crooked or darker the teeth, then the more grinding on the teeth or the more opaque (less lifelike translucent) the porcelain needs to be.

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How do I maintain my veneers?
Veneers are maintained the same way that you would maintain your own natural teeth – good daily oral hygiene and regular professional cleanings.

What foods should I avoid?
Assuming the teeth were strong and healthy to start, there are generally no restrictions. Just like your own natural teeth, one should avoid very hot, cold, and hard foods that damages both veneers and natural teeth.

What habits should I avoid or stop?
Avoid using your teeth as tools – like to hold or open things. Always consider wearing a nightguard while sleeping. Teeth grinding and clenching are the most destructive forces on veneers and natural teeth.

Real Patients Real Results

Before and After Photos

Old defective 4 upper front crowns with spaces and inflammation from gum recession replaced with new crowns. Notice the resulting healthy gum tissue from well fitting crowns.

Photo by Dr. Leo Arellano

Crowns - Bridges – BNA Image – 19
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