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Best Dental Bridge Care from Daly City dentist

A dental bridge, which is made using a crown for the tooth on each side of the gap and an artificial tooth fused between them, can restore the smile with natural looking, long lasting results. Several types of dental bridges are available, and they can be made from porcelain, alloys, gold, or a combination of materials. With proper care, a bridge can last 10 years or longer.

Dr. Leo Arellano and his team help people in San Francisco, Daly City, and the surrounding areas choose the best style and materials for their specific needs, and explain how to care for their bridges to help them enjoy maximum comfort and longevity of their restorations.

Dental bridge care

  • Maintain optimal oral health – It is even more important to keep the remaining teeth healthy and strong by maintaining excellent oral hygiene practices. Brushing after meals, flossing daily, and making regular dental visits are crucial to protect the teeth supporting the bridge.
  • Clean under the artificial tooth – It is important that food debris, plaque, and bacteria be removed from under the artificial tooth. A floss threader, oral irrigator, interproximal brush, or a combination of these aids can make it possible to clean under the bridge. It is also essential that the teeth anchoring the bridge receive careful attention to ensure plaque does not build up around the supporting crowns.
  • To prevent damage to the bridge, avoid chewing on hard substances such as ice or fruit pits.
  • Eat a healthy diet – Proper nutrition is essential to oral health as well as overall health.
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Temporary bridge care

During the time a temporary bridge is worn, a few extra steps in care are necessary.

  • Floss very carefully to avoid dislodging the bridge as it is secured with a soft temporary cement
  • Avoid richly colored foods and beverages, as the resin is susceptible to staining
  • Use alcohol free mouth rinses
  • If the temporary bridge becomes loose, call Dr. Arellano immediately

Dr. Leo Arellano and his team are partners in dental health with their patients. They are happy to answer questions, recommend products and devices, and demonstrate proper techniques to help patients enjoy optimal oral health and longevity of their dental work.

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