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Dentist in San Francisco, CA describes the benefits of using dental implants for tooth replacement

Pretty young lady is taking a structure of a Dental Implant

If you have lost one or more teeth within the smile and are unsure as to the best way to replace them, fear no more! Dr. Leo Arellano and his team of professionals in San Francisco, CA are pleased to provide tooth replacement options that can last a lifetime, such as dental implants.

Benefits of dental implants

Dental implants are best described as usually titanium metal restorations that are used as a tooth root replacement. They are placed into the bone of the jaw during oral surgery, which stimulates the growth of bone around the implant to hold it in place. The top of the implant is covered with a dental crown, which is custom made to match the patient’s existing teeth to ensure seamless integration into the smile. Dental implants are typically used to replace a single tooth but are also used in other manners. For example, a dental implant can be used on one or both ends of a dental bridge to replace one or more teeth or can be placed along the dental arch and made to work with a full denture to act as a foundation for support and retention of the denture. Dental implants are versatile and highly desirable because of their many advantages. These restorations are:

  • A smart investment for lifelong tooth replacement
  • Natural-looking to ensure beautiful integration
  • Best for maintaining the bone of the jaw over time
  • Stronger and more stable than alternative solutions
  • Expensive, but hold their value over time
  • Long-term replacements for missing teeth
  • Biocompatible and long-lasting for optimum results
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Who is a candidate for dental implants?

Most patients who are seeking restorations such as dental implants are worried that they may not be candidates for treatment, and this is a realistic expectation. Not everyone is well-suited for dental implants. Because dental implants require bone to be in place, patients must have sufficient bone structure available to ensure that oral surgery is successful. While the implant does stimulate bone growth, it needs bone to be able to do so. To determine candidacy, patients will undergo x-rays to check for the bone of the jaw and to determine if it is solid enough to ensure successful treatment. If not, patients serious about having dental implants can work with their dentist to discuss options for preparation such as bone grafting. Bone grafting can build up the bone and prepare it for the placement of a dental implant in the future. This is an option for patients to consider. If patients decide they do not want to undergo additional treatments, then alternative solutions such as dental bridges and traditional dentures may be discussed as a way to repair the smile after tooth loss when implants are not the optimum choice.

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Crowded teeth and failing root canal tooth needing extraction corrected with Invisalign®, bleaching, and dental implant.

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Dr. Arellano has been my dentist since 1989 and I believe he is the best of the best! I have experienced many uncomfortable dental procedures in the past, many due to painful injections. Dr. Arellano has excellent technique in anesthetizing that results in painless injections. He truly cares about his patients and his work. His staff, especially Mei, is extraordinary and will go above and beyond to work in appointments, assist in resolving payment/insurance issues, referrals, etc. Dr. Arellano and his team have always provided excellent care and service over the years. I highly recommend him for your dental care.

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