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Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we will be only seeing patients in our records with dental emergencies. We have made this decision in order to help prevent further spread of the virus and to keep our patients and community safe.

We thank you for your understanding during this crisis and we wish you all good health.

Discover what San Francisco cosmetic dental procedures can do!

Discover San Francisco cosmetic dental procedures provide by Dr. Leo Arellano

There are several factors affecting how you feel about yourself — the way you look being a very prominent one. Through the work we perform in our cosmetic dentistry practice, we have seen a complete turnaround in patients who have long struggled with not feeling confident due to the appearance of their smiles. While we place high priority on every patients’ overall oral health, we understand the importance of a beautiful smile and therefore offer a variety of treatments designed to correct or enhance the different cosmetic concerns that our patients have. At our San Francisco cosmetic dental office, we … Continue reading

A brand new smile with dental implants, a popular cosmetic dentistry procedure in San Francisco

A brand new smile with dental implants from Dr. Leo Arellano

Although cosmetic dentistry is designed to customize the patient’s smile to his or her best possible esthetic outcome, some cosmetic treatments are also restorative in nature. The dental implant is one such treatment that provides the patient with both function and beautiful form. One of the newest advances in cosmetic dentistry, dental implants provide an excellent alternative to the dental bridge. In this scenario, a single tooth is replaced using implant technology, which is explained below. They are also a popular choice among patients who have relied on dentures to replace all or some of their natural teeth. Although traditional … Continue reading

Cosmetic Teeth Whitening San Francisco

Cosmetic Teeth Whitening San Francisco from Leo Arellano DDS PC

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, but what we notice first when we see others is their smile. When your teeth are discolored or dull, you may not feel confident about your overall appearance. People have a tendency to hide their smile if they are unhappy with it. Covering your smile, however, does not remedy the problem. When others cannot see your smile, your personal interactions are hindered. Rather than live with a smile you don’t love, visit our office to investigate the treatment options to get your most beautiful smile. The issue of yellow … Continue reading

Put a new smile on life with the best cosmetic dentist in San Francisco

New smile on life with the best cosmetic dentist in San Francisco, Dr. Leo Arellano

People seek the benefits of smile enhancement for many different reasons. Some want the age reversing effects of a bright, beautiful, healthy smile; a smile makeover is a bit like a dental facelift, making the patient look healthier and more vibrant. Most people who seek treatment have cosmetic concerns about their smiles that have troubled them for years. Many people who are embarrassed about their teeth avoid smiling altogether, hiding their true personalities. Historically, cosmetic smile enhancement was considered something that was only available to the rich and famous. With the advances in dental technology, materials, and techniques, modern dentistry … Continue reading

Cosmetic dentist in San Francisco helps patients choose the best option for their concerns

Cosmetic dentist Dr. Leo Arellano, in San Francisco helps patients choose the best option for their concerns

Teeth are not tools, but too often, they are the go-to choice to tear open packages, twist caps, or crunch hard candy into tiny pieces. Chipped and cracked teeth are one of the most common tooth injuries in the United States. Malformed teeth deflate confidence and make chewing and speaking difficult. The type of cosmetic dentistry treatment depends on the severity of the tooth chip or crack. At Leo Arellano, DDS, General & Cosmetic Dentistry in San Francisco, most problems can be corrected using modern cosmetic dental techniques including crowns, porcelain veneers, or bonding, which can actually restore appearance and … Continue reading

Cosmetic dentist in San Francisco provides healthy smile enhancement

Cosmetic dentist Dr. Leo Arellano, in San Francisco provides healthy smile enhancement

Cosmetic dentistry has been defined as dental work designed to create a positive change to a smile. Dr. Leo Arellano and his dental team consider a healthy smile to be the necessary foundation for beautiful San Francisco smiles. The process of smile enhancement begins with a thorough exam. Some oral conditions, such as periodontal disease require treatment before cosmetic enhancement begins. Other conditions can be corrected during cosmetic treatment. Improving a person’s smile and oral health: Tooth Decay Existing cavities are treated as conservatively and beautifully as possible. By using adhesive dentistry materials and techniques, the strength, structure, and function … Continue reading

An array of cosmetic dental procedures is available in San Francisco CA

An array of cosmetic dental procedures is available at Leo Arellano DDS PC

TV, magazines, advertisements, billboards, and other media offer a never-ending stream of stunning smiles, demonstrating the importance of oral beauty in today’s image conscious society. Smile enhancement can have a dramatic effect on appearance. From subtle changes to major repairs, beautiful smiles are more accessible than ever; they are no longer just for the rich and famous. Even simple cosmetic dental procedures can result in a smile that boosts confidence and increases self-esteem. Dr. Leo Arellano can use one, two, or a combination of several of the following procedures to restore function, structure, and form and create naturally beautiful smiles … Continue reading

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Defective filling, gum recession, and black triangle space between teeth are fixed with a new filling and 2 new crowns.

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Dr. Arellano has been my dentist since 1989 and I believe he is the best of the best! I have experienced many uncomfortable dental procedures in the past, many due to painful injections. Dr. Arellano has excellent technique in anesthetizing that results in painless injections. He truly cares about his patients and his work. His staff, especially Mei, is extraordinary and will go above and beyond to work in appointments, assist in resolving payment/insurance issues, referrals, etc. Dr. Arellano and his team have always provided excellent care and service over the years. I highly recommend him for your dental care.

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